How was the Llooni brand born?

Llooni® is the brand of cuddly toy made in France and created by the family.

The word Llooni is a word invented by putting together the letters of our last names and first names.
Lludice + Léo +Nils = Llooni

The idea of ​​a cuddly toy made in France was born from an observation: very few cuddly toys are produced in France.

We therefore decided to imagine a cuddly toy that would be a French creation , a cuddly toy whose fabrics would be cut, assembled and sewn in France.

We also thought about responsible packaging in order to limit our impact on the environment: we opted for the recycled organic cotton pouch.

It is as a family that we stamp our logo on each pouch.

Finally being a modern, fun and cool family, we have

designed cuddly toys in our image: innovative, colorful, unique while being chic and refined.

We have created a
colorful, original and modern mixed line.

The little extras of our comforter, and this is why it is innovative: the ring of the rabbit's head is detachable and can be used as a teething ring during teething, likewise the wooden ring can be removed and replaced by a pacifier thanks to the pressure on the comforter.

Thank you,

Thank you for sharing this crazy family adventure with us,
Thank you for participating in maintaining French creativity and artisanal know-how,
Thank you for consuming responsibly by purchasing a quality product handmade in France with Love