The designer and her little creators

It was as a family that we created the Llooni brand and our comfort blanket model.

We all thought together about the model we wanted: shape, size, choice of fabrics, choice of ribbons, choice of colors...



Family photo of the creators Llooni comforter


Mom - Entrepreneur - Creative - Sporty and Optimistic

Rumor has it that I'm 44 years old. It's false, the proof in pictures

Llooni - Stéphanie Lludice

The trail:

- this is my great passion,

- it represents my love for nature and sharing outdoor activities.

Idealist, I dream of:

- green plants that would never die,

- to find a four-leaf clover,

- to see a complete rainbow,

- cleaning, ironing and shopping that would be done all by themselves,

- children's homework which would be a pleasure...

I am fan of :

- laughter,

- crazy laughs: those of my sons, those of my friends and mine too

I am a fan of my 2 sons, my 2 rays of sunshine: my blond and my brown, intelligent, funny, sensitive, mature, responsible, respectful and kind. I couldn't ask for a better team.

Leo - 15 years old

Middle school student in 3rd grade.

“I love drawing, creating and combining colors.”


Niles - 11 years old

Middle school student in 6th grade.

“I like preparing orders with mom”

We hope that you will be touched by our comforters.

We hope that beyond finding them “fun”, colorful, and modern, you will find them just right :

- just in our approach to handmade in France ,

- just in our approach to entrepreneurship as a family ,

- just in our eco-responsible approach,

- just in our choice of materials (fabrics, ribbons, labels, wooden ring) without toxic products and without danger for the health of babies and children.

Llooni is more than a cuddly toy, Llooni is my mother (he reassures me), Llooni is me

Family photo The creators of Llooni comforter