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Doudou toile de Jouy white and green rabbit French chic

Doudou toile de Jouy white and green rabbit French chic

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Baby comforter in cotton in toile de Jouy white background and green patterns and back in white minky
Petit Jouy Green model
Petit Jouy Vert: French softness and elegance

Petit Jouy vert: French softness and elegance:

Welcome to the enchanting world of toile de Jouy, where the purity of white blends harmoniously with refreshing green . Our white and green toile de Jouy comforter embodies both tenderness and refinement , offering your baby a cuddly companion of timeless beauty.

At Llooni, every detail is thought out to create a cuddly toy that envelops your child in softness and style .

Irresistible features

  • Made with love from high quality toile de Jouy .
  • Soothing shades of white and green for a calming atmosphere.
  • Soft and fluffy texture for baby's comfort and safety.
  • Perfect size for your child's little hands .
  • Elegant and timeless design for a comforter that will grow with your baby.
  • Easy to maintain , machine washable for convenient daily use

              Its little extra? Thanks to the pressure, the teething ring can be removed and replaced with a pacifier, a pacifier.

              The experience of the toile de Jouy comforter

              Each moment spent with our toile de Jouy comforter is an invitation to softness and serenity . Delicate patterns and calming colors awaken your baby's senses while creating an environment of calm and tranquility.

              Made with attention to detail, this comforter will quickly become the privileged confidant of your little treasure, accompanying them on all their adventures.

              Why choose our toile de Jouy comforter:

              At Llooni, we believe in creating products that combine quality, aesthetics and comfort. Our comfort toys are the result of this commitment. By choosing our green Petit Jouy comforter, you are offering your baby much more than a simple toy. You offer a sensory and emotional experience which will promote their development and support them in their first discoveries.

              Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of toile de Jouy by offering your baby the sweet comfort of our green Petit Jouy comforter.

              Order today to guarantee moments of tenderness and elegance. Let our toile de Jouy comforter become the precious link between you and your baby, offering him or her a timeless touch of beauty and softness.

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