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Original soft toy in toile de Jouy linen and red Made in France

Original soft toy in toile de Jouy linen and red Made in France

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Baby comforter in cotton in toile de Jouy natural linen background and red patterns and back in beige minky
Petit Jouy Red model
Petit Jouy Rouge: Parisian Elegance, Softness for Baby


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the timeless trend with our magnificent baby comforter in toile de Jouy, perfectly embodying French chic . Made with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for quality, this comforter is much more than just a baby accessory – it is a comforter that evokes the grace and elegance characteristic of French style .

The toile de Jouy, with its iconic pattern inspired by pastoral scenes and nature , serves as the backdrop for this exceptional comforter. Each delicate design tells a story, inviting your baby to explore a world of sweetness and charm. The soft and subtle shades of toile de Jouy bring a calming note to your little one's environment, promoting a feeling of security and comfort .

Designed to be as functional as it is beautiful , our toile de Jouy comforter is made from materials carefully selected for their softness and safety. The stitching is finely executed , while the perfect size allows easy grip for curious little hands . In addition, its durability guarantees that this comforter will become a faithful companion throughout your baby's moments of play, cuddles and adventures.

Give your baby the privilege of growing up alongside French elegance with our toile de Jouy comforter. Every moment spent in the company of this textile treasure is a celebration of timeless style, quality and love , creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime .

Irresistible features

  • Materials: 100% Oeko-Tex® cotton fabric, traditional toile de Jouy scene, soft , breathable and hypoallergenic , perfect for baby's fragile skin, ultra soft beige minky reverse
  • Color : natural linen background and red, beige patterns
  • Dimensions: 26 x 26 cm
  • Shape: designed for a good grip: ribbons, wooden ring and ears. Every detail has been thought of to give the cuddly toy its playful shape and make it a real developmental accessory for your little one.
  • Safety: complies with safety standards for toys
  • Care: Machine washable for easy and durable use, line dry

              Its little extra? Thanks to the pressure, the teething ring can be removed and replaced with a pacifier, a pacifier.


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