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Sand baby comforter - Petite Cigale

Sand baby comforter - Petite Cigale

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You are looking for the ultimate baby shower gift.
A gift that expresses all your affection for a newborn and his parents.

Features that are particularly important to you include:
  • Unrivaled softness for the comforter,
  • Guaranteed reliability and security,
  • Hypoallergenic materials for peace of mind,
  • The practicality of a machine-washable comforter,
  • A size adapted to the little arms that will embrace it,
  • And finally, an attractive and stimulating comforter.
Look no further, we have exactly what you need!

Baby comforter in cotton with small cicadas pattern (front)
Choice of: white diaper or beige diaper (back)
Model P'tit cigalou
Sweet melodies of Provence

Sweet melodies of Provence

Discover the authentic charm of Provence with the P'tit cigalou comforter. Inspired by the sweet melodies of cicadas in the Provençal fields, this cute rabbit comforter offers a magical experience to your little one.

Carefully crafted, the u P'tit cigalou comforter envelops your baby in comforting softness. The delicate patterns of small cicadas are reminiscent of sunny summer days in Provence .

Much more than a simple companion, this comforter becomes your little one's confidant, accompanying them in their moments of calm and escape. The soothing shades evoke the serene atmosphere of the Provençal countryside , promoting your child's emotional development.

Irresistible features

  • Material: double cotton gauze diaper fabric and Oeko-Tex® printed cotton fabric, soft , breathable and hypoallergenic, perfect for baby's fragile skin
  • Color : soothing beige
  • Dimensions: 26 x 26 cm
  • Shape: designed for a good grip: ribbons, wooden ring and ears. Every detail has been thought of to give the cuddly toy its playful shape and make it a real developmental accessory for your little one.
  • Safety: complies with safety standards for toys
  • Care: Machine washable for easy and durable use, line dry

              Its little extra? Thanks to the pressure, the teething ring can be removed and replaced with a pacifier, a pacifier.


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