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Pink swaddle comforter - La vie en rose

Pink swaddle comforter - La vie en rose

Duration of use: forever!

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You are looking for the ultimate baby shower gift.
A gift that expresses all your affection for a newborn and his parents.

Features that are particularly important to you include:
  • Unrivaled softness for the comforter,
  • Guaranteed reliability and security,
  • Hypoallergenic materials for peace of mind,
  • The practicality of a machine-washable comforter,
  • A size adapted to the little arms that will embrace it,
  • And finally, an attractive and stimulating comforter.
Look no further, we have exactly what you need!

Baby comforter in pink swaddle

La Vie en Rose model

A bubble of Provençal sweetness

A bubble of Provençal sweetness

Immerse yourself in a world full of softness and delicacy with our pink “ La Vie en Rose baby comforter. Made with love and care, this comforter is designed to bring comfort and reassurance to your little one, offering a delicate touch and soothing texture.
Made from high-quality materials, this comforter is not only gentle on baby's sensitive skin, but it is also durable and durable to withstand all of your child's adventures and escapades.
The refined and timeless design of our pink “La Vie en Rose” baby comforter also makes it a trendy fashion accessory for style-conscious parents . It can be easily matched with your baby's outfits , adding a touch of elegance to every occasion.
Give your little treasure a faithful and charming companion with our pink “ La Vie en Rose ” baby comforter, a true tribute to the beauty and tranquility of Provence.

Irresistible features

  • Material : soft, breathable and hypoallergenic Oeko-Tex® cotton double gauze diaper fabric, perfect for baby's fragile skin
  • Color : soft and soothing pastel pink
  • Dimensions : 26 x 26 cm
  • Shape : designed for a good grip: ribbons, wooden ring and ears. Every detail has been thought of to give the cuddly toy its playful shape and make it a real developmental accessory for your little one.
  • Safety : Meets toy safety standards
  • Care : Machine washable for easy, long-lasting use, line dry

              Its little extra? Thanks to the pressure, the teething ring can be removed and replaced with a pacifier, a pacifier.

              The strong points of the pink swaddle comforter A bubble of Provençal softness:

              • Premium materials: Made from soft, durable fabrics, this comforter offers a very soft feel to the touch, perfectly suited to baby's delicate skin.
              • Design Inspired by Provence: the pastel pink shade evokes the spirit of tranquility and well-being of Provence.
              • Multifunctional: The La Vie en Rose swaddle comforter is not only a source of comfort for baby, but it can also stimulate their sensory and emotional development throughout the day. In addition, it can be used as a cuddly toy, teething ring or even a pacifier clip.
              • Machine Washable : Easy to care for, this comforter can be machine washed for hassle-free daily use.
              • Ideal Gift: Give this comforter inspired by Provence as an exceptional gift for baby showers , births , birthdays or other special occasions , and let the magic of the region light up your little one's life.

              Why choose our “La Vie en Rose” pink swaddle comforter?

              Because our comfort toys are much more than just a comfort blanket...

              • It is a committed choice of consumption , support for French craftsmanship and know-how ,
              • It's an art of living , it's a magical trip to Provence , a tribute to Provence
              • This is a unique and thoughtful gift

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              • Very soft cocooning comforter

              • Shape adapted to small hands

              • Soothed baby - Sleep aid

              • Sensitive gums relieved

              • Oeko-tex fabrics

              • Made in France in Provence

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              • FRENCH MADE

                Made in France

                Made in Provence

              Need more details?

              A cuddly toy: what are the benefits for baby?

              A comfort blanket brings a lot to your baby:

              - comfort : when baby is separated from his parents, the comforter brings a feeling of security and comfort,

              - sleep : the comforter is a solution to help baby fall asleep more easily,

              - sensory development : the different textures, colors and shapes of the comforter contribute to the sensory development of babies and toddlers,

              - distraction : the comforter is used to distract baby during outings, trips or times when parents need to keep him occupied,

              - development of progressive autonomy : baby learns to soothe himself using his comfort blanket

              Giving a cuddly toy means offering a companion who soothes and reassures baby from his or her first days.

              It is the companion who will soothe their tears , their fears , their anxieties in the event of separation, facilitate their falling asleep and allow them to feel confident and secure .

              And you, what benefits can you expect when you buy or offer a cuddly toy?

              What benefits can you expect from a Llooni comforter?

              - safety : this is the first priority! The comforter must comply with current standards (CE logo),

              - soft , natural , non-irritating and hypoallergenic materials for baby's delicate skin,

              - a versatile cuddly toy that can be a cuddly toy, teething ring and pacifier clip at the same time,

              - a comfort blanket suitable for baby due to its size and shape, easy to slip into a bag

              - finally, an easy-to-wash comforter


              All the elements of our comforters are Oeko-tex.

              Find the details of this quality label on this page

              Our comfort blanket is made up of different elements:

              • Soft , breathable and hypoallergenic Oeko-Tex® cotton double gauze diaper fabric, perfect for baby's fragile skin
              • Ribbons : grosgrain and tricolor
              • brand label
              • Pressure: Kam
              • Teething ring: made of beech wood from French forests, diameter 7 cm

              Are Llooni comfort toys up to standard?

              Yes, our model has been tested in an approved laboratory .
              In accordance with current regulations, our model meets the requirements of the European Toys Directive .
              Our comfort toys are certified as complying with these regulations, so they are CE certified.

              Are Llooni comfort toys “Made in France”? - Buy French!

              Yes, our comfort toys are certified Made in France.

              We received a positive opinion from the French Customs Administration following the submission of our IMF file (information request on Made in France)

              By purchasing a Llooni comforter, you contribute to :

              - support jobs in France ,

              - support our small family business ,

              - preserve French artisanal know-how ,

              - consume in an ultra-short circuit and reduce environmental impact ,

              - acquire a quality item manufactured in strict compliance with labor law .

              Shipping and delivery times

              Free delivery in Metropolitan France from €70 purchase.

              Mondial Relay delivery takes 5 working days: €4.99

              Delivery Colissimo Collection point allow 5 working days: €6.99

              Maintenance tips

              • How to wash the fabric parts: comforter and fabric ears ?

              - hand washing

              - or at 30°C

              - and natural drying

              • How to clean the wooden ring?

              - hand wash on surface

              - natural drying

              doudou lange nude blanc rose violet Made in France

              Are Llooni comfort toys innovative?

              Yes, our model is innovative.

              Llooni is an innovative cuddly toy that incorporates a teething ring into the cuddly toy.

              The teething ring represents the head of our rabbit comforter.
              It can be removed using pressure, this allows you to detach it to be able to wash the diaper square.

              How does it work ?

              The pressure on the comforter allows you the following combinations :

              • flat square + teething ring
              • teething ring
              • flat square + lollipop

              Clever and practical cuddly toy that transforms into a pacifier clip!